Surviving on the Isles: Winter.

Posted on August 6, 2015 By

When thinking of how to survive on the Shetland Islands in the winter months it is much better to look toward our brethren on the Northern Continent than it is to look south to our friends on the mainland of these United Kingdoms. The winter is a different beast up here, a different beast indeed. It lives inside the ground and the earth. It breaths through the trees and the hills. It seeps up from the very water itself and invades every element of your being. It grips the bricks and the rocks of your houses and slips under the doors. It creeps up the stairs and under your sheets to once again claw at your bones. It is inescapable.

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Above we see a Shetland Pony enduring the Shetland winter. Our beautiful ponies are world famous. They are world famous because they are unique. They are unique because they have to be to survive. And so must we. We do not have the ease of assess to gas and electricity and all the shortcuts people have to heat themselves on the mainland. We need to find alternative ways of heating and fueling ourselves. I’ve been looking at biomass alternatives and biomass boilers on some forums that I’ve found (the most helpful one has been so far) and I think its a great idea for all Shetlanders.



If we collectively choose to proliferate the number of biomass boilers on the island we can start importing biomass on a mass scale and really create a new future for the Shetlands as more sustainable than ever before. I’m looking for some of the bigger institutions on the Islands (the hotels, the farms, the clubs, the institutions of note) to sign up to try and move the islands huge heating bill toward biomass for both ecological and economical reasons. It would be a great step forward for the islands.

We need to look further into the advantages and disadvantages of biomass but the information is out there. It just needs us to have the courage to look for it.

Do we have that courage?