Our Great Isles. Part 1

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Our great Islands are fascinating and beautiful, they are magical, they are incredible, they are majestic and they deserve recognition and love. Though ‘Thurso’ may lay claim to having the most northerly railway in the British Isles, our fantastic Shetland Isles are proud to have the most northern of almost everything else. Long ago we were the ‘Zetland’ Isles, a little historic blip which lead to our ‘ZE’ postcodes. This name comes from an old, ancient in fact, Norse name for these great Islands. These ‘Hjaltland’ Islands.

shetland 1


On maps of Scotland, or the more detailed maps of the British Isles, our great Islands are put into a little box in the top right corner as covering the sea that separates us from the mainland would be a waste of paper. This leaves many unaware of how far we actually are from the Mainland, and where along the coast we lie. We an incredibly biologically diverse set of 100 islands and islets. Which apparently are a thing. It may be shocking to many of you, it probably should be actually, that the Shetland Islands actually lie in the ocean a little closer to Bergen than they do to Aberdeen. It may blow you away even more to find out that these beautiful Shetland Isles are further to the north than Moscow or even Southern Greenland. In fact, our friends in the Shetland town of Lerwick live closer to Milan than they live to London. Which explains their unique stylishness.


Am I right? You know what I’m saying Lerwickers…

These Wonderful Isles house around 23,000 people and were actually Norse for a long while up too about exactly the 8th of September 1468. On that fell date the Isles were mortgaged  to Scotland! For a mere 8,000 florins we where tossed away as part of a bloody marriage deal between a young man who would go on to be James III and some bloody Princess from Denmark. That’s right. Where it not for a royal wedding almost 600 years ago we wouldn’t have to hear so much about all the bloody royal weddings happening now. Now that’s something we can all regret.


Ok, fine.

Part 1 ho!