How to See it All: Bike, Foot, Caravan or… Caravan?!

Posted on June 19, 2015 By

It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.


Here at Shetland Nature Cruises we are always on the look out for new ways that visitors can explore and experience our wonderful corner of this amazing and beautiful planet. It is simply such a beautiful place and how you travel through it powerfully effects the experience you will have. For instance… 


what-is-the-best-survival-bicycleA bike, hiding behind a thin front lit curtain. 

Travelling by bike gives a unique insight into a land. When one is used to motorised transport spending an extended period of travel on a bike makes the countryside seemingly slow down around you. Landscapes change far more rarely, you become part of your surroundings, you become part of the sweep and flow of the land, and it becomes part of you. This is a beautiful thing. Cycling obviously has draw backs in a way: it is physically tiring, difficult, somewhat weather dependent, you limit the extent of area you can explore and it can be logistically challenging.  However, many cyclists are of the opinion that whilst the distance of land you bear witness to may be smaller, the richness and depth of your appreciation for the land you do witness is immeasurably greater. But, if you really want to slow things down, you can always…



A man. Walking behind a thin front lit bed sheet.

Now this really is the option of the purist, for the walkers, walking is the only real way to actually travel, to actually move through a landscape, to actually be at one with the land. Like meditation, novel reading and almost anything worth doing, it takes a little work at first and may seem boring and lethargical, but after a while a little bit of magic happens, and suddenly you tune in to a different frequency, one free of smart phones and snap-chat, Skype and screens, telecommunications and television and all the distractions of modern life, you tune into a more primordial and more perhaps more human frequency of human and land, of life and liberty, of pure actual life. That is walking. It is beautiful.



Uncle Jim’s caravan. We never want to ask…

Caravans are fun, they are definitely really really fun. It is like being in a little house on wheels. In fact, that is not what it is like. That is what it is. Hmmm. It is cool, you can move around, you can sleep in a bed, you can see all of the shetlands, so yeah. Thats alright isn’t it? Great! But maybe…

Static Caravans.


Are static caravans the future? We we’re recently driving back from a trip south and saw a sign saying ‘Static Caravans for Sale“, and we wondered how one was meant to get them home, but it transpired that you don’t take them home, you buy one at the site and come and holiday there regularly, like a holiday home! So we were thinking: would that work up here in Shetland? And if so, where would we locate it? We are desperate for your ideas on this matter, as we are considering teaming up with some other local business and maybe trying to get one going. So, tell us what you think!


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