A Shetland Cruise as part of a Scottish Tour

Posted on June 14, 2015 By

Due to our position at the top edge of this great nation it is quite a journey for many to get all the way to the Shetland Islands for a holiday. This journey is a historic one no matter from whence you are coming. The vikings travelled over cold seas, the English Knights over many lands, and to this day adventurers travel from far and wide journey to see our wondrous corner of the wide world. What a corner it is!

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Here at Shetland Cruises we’ve realised that for many wanting to visit the Shetland Islands the issue they have to confront is the distance they have to travel to get here. Do they bite the bullet and travel in one big go? A journey which for some while take them through day and night? Or do they stop off for a night on the way? Maybe check in to some boring travel lodge or something, just sacrifice a night to boring hotels that could be anywhere in the world and feel far too much like work, like normality, like boredom. Well we say no! Don’t do that! That doesn’t sound like fun at all! We say that you should plan your trip and try to take in some more of Scotland. Use your journey. You’re not passing through a wasteland you know, you’re passing through the most beautiful country in the world (if we do say so ourselves. Which we clearly do. As we just said it.) so make the most of it!



If your travelling up you are almost certainly going to be passing through the heart of Scotland, so why not pass through its biggest city! With all its museums and art galleries, theatres and concert venues, curry houses and pubs, Glasgow is more than worth a visit. Check out http://www.glasgowlife.org.uk/ for lots of information on what’s going on in the fine city. You won’t regret it!



Above Glasgow on your way up to the Shetland Islands you will pass through the beautiful area of Perthshire, with some of the most beautiful landscapes in this great nation. Perthshire is full of history and wonder. So why not spend a few days there? Get out into the country and rent a cottage for a few days with the family. It’s a fantastic get away and there are now newly refurbished cottages throughout the region (check out http://www.highlandheatherlodges.co.uk for some great options). We thoroughly recommend this idea having been told by guests and friends that they’ve gone on some great escapes down there.

Any ideas?

These are just two ideas of what other experiences you can incorporate into your journey up to us here in the Shetland Islands. If you have any ideas please post them bellow! A Shetland Nature Cruise is a great experience on its own, but as part of a wider Scottish adventure it can only get better!